Curriculum Vitae

Hi, I’m Beth Jones, founder of Beth Jones Coaching, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Women's Performance and Recovery Specialist.  My certification range from Restorative Exercise Specialist, to personal trainer, to Women's Health Coach, to labor doula, to breastfeeding counselor, to Masters Athlete, but my greatest achievement is mama to Liam and Darcy.

I’m so thrilled to share my passion for helping women move better and pain free. This is the culmination of my education, passion and much needed training and recovery programs for female athletes, just like you, who want to continue enjoying the activities you love, despite pregnancy and motherhood. I’ve brought you my expertise, years of experience, training and other professional works to design preventative and recovery training programs that protect and strengthen your core, and return you to high-level peak training.

I’m especially experienced helping women suffering from common perinatal conditions (such as sciatica, diastasis recti, and pelvic floor disorders), and also finally overcoming that recurring pain that keeps you from enjoying an active life. I’ve created programs that are customized to your needs, nutrition for health and healing, and functional training for your unique condition and goals.

As a mother of two young kids, I know that finding time to workout is difficult and precious. My programs are designed to combine fitness and rehab for a quick and efficient workout with results. I combine traditional physical therapy (both orthopedic and women’s health methods), alignment and functional training, and proven weight loss training together in one program. My clients can receive nutrition programs customized to your needs (breastfeeding) and goals. (I can also work directly with your personal OBGYN, Physical Therapist or Chiropractor for a cohesive team if you’d like!)

All of my certifications, expertise and personal passions come together in my online programs so that you know you are receiving trusted, proven coaching from an expert who’s also been there. You will be confident experiencing life with your little ones and loving your health and wellness all at once.

Education and Degrees

Bachelor of Arts, Communication from the University of Puget Sound 

Post-Graduate Studies in Human Performance and Sport/Athletic Trainer from Metropolitan State College of Denver 

Masters of Education, Secondary Education from Regis University 

*Endorsements in Physical Education, Health, Science, Language Arts, and Special Education


Certified Athletic Trainer – NATA (2002) 

Registered with DORA as a Licensed Athletic Trainer in Colorado 

Restorative Exercise Specialist™ - Nutritious Movement (2017)

Women's Health Coach - Integrative Women's Health Institute

Optimum Nutrition & Lifestyle for Postnatal Recovery & Healing - Burrell Education (2017)

3rd Age Woman Peri- to Post Menopause Certification - Burrell Education (2019)

Holistic Health Coach - Institute of Integrative Nutrition (2016)

Certified Personal Trainer – NCSF (2012) 

Sports Performance Coach - USAW (2016)

Metabolic Effect Fitness & Nutrition Specialist, (2016)

Nutritious Movement™ Certified Healthy Foot Practitioner (2016)

Certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist – AFPA (2013) 

Certified Labor Doula – CAPPA (2014) 

YogaFit Levels 1-3 Instructor – YogaFit

Barre Instructor – IBBFA

Breastfeeding USA Counselor - Breastfeeding USA (in progress) 

Continuing Education/Research

The Franklin Method – Pelvic Power for Core Integration

Professional Yoga Therapy Institute (Modules 1-4) 

The Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor Piston for Rehab and Fitness – Julie Wiebe, PT 

The Pelvic Floor Piston: Foundation for Fitness – Julie Wiebe, PT

Sacred Belly Bind + Sealing Ceremony Webinar – Sacred Pregnancy 

YogaFit Prenatal/Postpartum Homestudy Course

PilatesFit Homestudy Course

Pilates Mat Training Correspondence Course

Dr. Sears Wellness Coach – LEAN Expectations (2013)

Expert Contributions: 

Conference Speaker - Colorado Midwives Association Spring Skills Workshop, 2017 (Protecting the Core: Before and After Birth)

Contributor  Fit2B's "Experts on Diastasis Recti" (Core Nutrition)

Contributor Fit2B Girl Course (Nutrition Module)

Roundtable speaker - Colorado Doulas Association Annual Conference, 2014

Treasurer/Secretary - Colorado Doulas Association, 2013-2016

Diastasis Expert -

Guest Blog Contributor -

Media Bio:

Beth Jones is a certified athletic trainer and women's performance and recovery specialist who has been working in the field of sports medicine for over 18 years. She has helped thousands of athletes return to their sport after injury using a holistic approach that combines a biomechanical approach to rehabilitation,  progressive training methods, and functional nutrition. Beth's approach is revolutionizing the women's health community by normalizing common postpartum conditions, such as diastasis recti and incontinence, and showing women the path back to their joy of athletic participation.

Beth has been a guest speaker a both the Colorado Doulas Association and Colorado Midwives Association conferences. She is a contributor to the Fit2b "Experts in Diastasis Recti" course, and has also been featured as a guest expert in several blogs. Beth lives in Littleton, Colorado with her husband and two young children.